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Are Church of Scientology Critics Growing More Vocal?

By Bob Waldrep

What do Tom Cruise and John Travolta have in common other than being well-known actors? Most might correctly guess they are also well-known Scientologists. In fact, Scientology is probably best known due to the high public profile of these and other celebrity members, such as former Cheers star Kirstie Alley and MSNBC news host Greta Van Susteren. In fact, Scientology probably markets itself through its celebrity members more than any other religious group.
In a 2005 interview with, Stephen Kent, a professor of sociology at the University of Alberta, said he believes, "America increasingly blends entertainment with news, to the neglect of important news items involving Scientology." Suggesting that Scientology uses its celebrities as ambassadors and to soften its image, Kent who has extensively studied and written about Scientology, went on to say, "They increasingly use their celebrities in a newsmaking fashion...They are public relations officers for Scientology, and part of their mission is to represent Scientology to the outside world and other governments." 1
Probably the best example of how these celebrities can promote and defend the teachings of Scientology is Tom Cruise's highly publicized attack on Psychiatry - which Scientology ridicules as having no validity - while promoting his film War of the Worlds in 2005. This even led to a "war of words" with he and Today Show host Matt Lauer (Read the whole story in my article, "Tom Cruise Phone Home") 2
This begs the question, does the information provided by these celebrities accurately portray the teachings and practices of Scientology? Many who have left the group would say no, especially when it comes to its more controversial teachings. Even Cruise, though having accurately stated the teachings of Scientology about psychiatry during his debate with Lauer, did not reveal the truth when asked about other teachings of Scientology such as its involving space aliens.

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