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March 30, 2009                     Special Report from Afghanistan 
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Dear Bob,

In our last issue, Don Malin shared about his special ministry to the troops in Afghanistan, Table of Grace. I want to express our appreciation to all of you who are supporting Table of Grace and praying for Don and the men and women he serves alongside.Bob
I am sending this special issue of CrossingCurrents to provide you with an update from Don; but also to include a few pictures of Don ministering to the troops. I believe these photographs will move you, as they did me, when you see our troops worshipping together. Especially, as they gather to do this in an Islamic Country.
I am including Don's mailing address and shipping instructions, again, in case you want to participate in this great ministry and join the Wall of Fame (read Don's letter below for an explanation).
Chaplain (LTC) Don Malin
Task Force Storm
HHC 168th EN BDE
FOB Sharana
APO AE 09311
This would be a great ministry project for a Church or Sunday School/Bible Study Group to take on. For more information about Table of Grace go to our website and read the article, TABLE OF GRACE.
Bob Signature
Bob Waldrep
Update: Table of Grace in Afghanistan
by Don Malin
BobI wanted to pass along a quick note to let you know what is going on in Sharana. As the Forward Operating Base Chaplain, I am in charge of the Chapel, services and all that goes on around a chapel.
As such, I have led 10 suicide awareness briefings, one reunion briefing, started a Bible study on the book of Revelation (there is another study on discerning God's will by another Chaplain), and started movie night. So far we have watched two movies, Facing the Giants and Fireproof (we may start a men's accountability group from Fireproof).
Worship in Afghan2I also lead one service and help lead another at 1:30. We will soon add a service on Sunday evening for other soldiers. I have met Indian and Nigerian Christians who worship with us. They are very interested in serving the Lord in this capacity. I am finding out that I have responsibilities in terms of Chapel construction and looking at future needs of the Chaplain ministry.
Bob SignatureLife is Good - God certainly is. The Table of Grace continues to pick up stuff and I will soon start a "Wall of Fame" where the names of those who send items to us will be acknowledged on our Facebook site.
Please continue to push this cause with your friends and send items for the cause. Finally, please pray for this ministry. Pray Bob Signaturefor wisdom in leading/guiding the ministry; wisdom in planning for the future of our Chaplain ministry and in contacting the right people to do the work.
 We will soon look for a brand new sound system. Pray for volunteers to continue to want to serve in this capacity. Pray for souls to be lifted up and God to be glorified. Thank each one of your for your prayers and time as you send needed items for the troops.
You are our heroes.
In His Grip,
Chaplain Don

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