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Ieremia Speaking at Tent Meeting

During the mornings, the young Christians do activities with children. The parents, who are not believers, are glad that someone takes care of their children for a few days, because they are on vacation. During the evenings, evangelistic meetings are organized for the parents. The children bring their parents and grandparents to these meetings where they hear about Jesus Christ and salvation through faith in Him.
Over in Western Romania, Nelu has also been conducting youth camps where he holds seminars about for the youth about being different in a secular world. These seminars are very well received and impacting.
Nelu also continues to travel throughout Romania speaking at various Churches. And, the end of this month he will spend three days teaching in Sweden.


If you have a question for Nelu or Ieremia, or would like more information about their ministry in Romania, you can email them at:




Culture Tracks

"Cultural Trends Related to Religion in America"


Box fo Soldiers

Statistical data reflecting some of the findings

regarding the cultural footprints of Americans


Following is the Statisitcal Data Found in the feature article

50% of those polled believe homosexuality should be accepted by society
38% of Protestants believe this
26% of Evangelicals, and
58% of Catholics
51% of those polled believe abortion should be legal in most/all cases.
45% of Protestants, believe this
33% of Evangelicals, and
48% of Catholics
Political Affiliation
Protestants: 42% lean toward Republican; 45% toward Democrat
Evangelicals: 50% lean Republican and 34%Democrat
Catholic: 33% lean Republican and 48% Democrat
48% of the population believe evolution is the best explanation for the origin of human life
35% of Protestants believe this
23% of evangelicals hold this view, and
58% of Catholics
24% of the population have, at some point in life, changed faith traditions. The largest shift was self-identifying Christians to atheism or agnosticism (12%).




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