Let's make this one real brief. After three years of serving as President, it seems the percentage of Americans who think President Obama is a Muslim continues to grow despite his protestations otherwise.


I blogged on this recently and you can read my thoughts on this matter at the link below. However, I am much more interested in what you think; so, we are running our own Crosswinds' poll to see where our readers stand on this issue.


Just click the link below and you will find the poll in the upper right column of the page.


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There is only one question: "What do you believe to be President Obama's religion?" Just click one of the four choices: "Christian, Muslim, Other, Don't know" and you will be done.


As the statistical data found in Culture Tracks indicates, a growing number of Americans believe the President is Muslim. Interestingly, as the data reflects, this cuts across political affiliation.


In the article section, you can read the first part of "A Muslim President - Really?" The link to the entire article includes video of some interesting comments by Franklin Graham related to the President's faith. If you haven't seen them, they created quite a controversy.


This political season is definitely turning out to be quite interesting; particularly as regards the faith beliefs of candidates; which seem to have become a growing part of the discussion. My guess is it is not going to slow down.




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MuslimA Muslim President - Really? 

By Bob Waldrep


I found it interesting that, in conjunction with the Alabama and Mississippi primaries, Public Policy Polling thought it would be a good idea to poll the people of my fair state and those in Mississippi to see where those voting in the Republican primary stood on the President's religion. They found 45% of those polled in Alabama believe him to be a Muslim and 14% consider him a Christian. His numbers were even worse in Mississippi where 52% of those polled believed him to be a Muslim and only 12% a Christian.

Some question the accuracy of these polls which considered responses from only 600 voters. However, maybe the numbers are accurate. Consider the results of similar polling done by Pew Research among conservative Republicans on a national level. In 2009 they found that 18% of conservative Republicans believed the President to be a Muslim. When taking the poll in 2010 the number was on the rise having increased to 34% of conservative Republicans believing him a Muslim.

Maybe the Alabama and Mississippi numbers just reflect a growing trend to believe or paint the President as a Muslim. Regarding the 2010 polling, Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham said he believed...
Read More and take the poll.





CultureCulture Tracks 



"Cultural Trends Related to Religion in America"


2011 American Values Survey (Oct. 2011) Public Religion Research Institute


(Read complete report, 2011 American Values Survey)


64% of Americans voters said they would be, at least, somewhat uncomfortable with a Muslim serving as President


Breakdown by Political Affiliation


81% of Republican voters

58% of Independent voters

56% of Democratic voters 


Pew Polling Regarding President Obama's Religion


Percentage of Americans Who Believe he is Christian is Decreasing


2008 47%

2009 48%

2010 34%


By Political Affiliation


2009 55% of Democrats believe he is Christian; 2010 drops to 46%

2009 47% of Republicans believe he is Christian; 2010 drops to 27%

2009 45% of Independents believe he is Christian; 2010 drops to 34%


Percentage of Americans Who Believe he is Muslim is Increasing


2008 12%

2009 12%

2010 18%


By Political Affiliation


2009 7% of Democrats believe he is Muslim; 2010 increases to 10%

2009 17% of Republicans believe he is Muslim; 2010 increases to 31%

2009 10% of Independents believe he is Muslim; 2010 increases to 18%


Obama's Job Approval Rating Based on View of His Religion


62% of those who believe he is a Christian approve of his job performance

26% of those who believe he is a Muslim approve of his job performance

29% of those who believe he is a Christian disapprove of his job performance

67% of those who believe he is a Muslim disapprove of his job performance


Read complete report, Religion Politics and the President



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