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CrossingCurrents Vol10:3 Ever tried to share what you beleive with someone in another religion and ended up in an argument. In this issue we share some tips on engaging people of other faiths in "Sharing With Those Who Worship Sneezy."

CrossingCurrents Vol10:2 The Secret exposed. What is the Secret? In this issue we take a look at the "law of attraction" which continues to draw many people in today. Can one attract "things" through their thoughts or is this just another distraction.

CrossingCurrents Vol10:1  What is going on with Scientology these days? It appears their critics are growing in number. Or, are they just becoming more vocal. In this issue we take a look at this subject.

CrossingCurrents Vol9:1  Religion and Politics. Who would have thought our political candidates for President would try to out-"christianize" one another. What's the story and who is the "real" Christian? We take a look at this interesting turn of events in this issue of CrossingCurrents. Also, in this issues' "Culture Tracks" find out who Evangelicals prefer on most of the issues.

CrossingCurrents Vol8:7  In the current campaign for the presidency we find there is again an elephant in the room as some try to "Christianize" a group that may very well be outside the Christian camp. In this issue we discuss some of the central beliefs of Seventh-day Adventism and how they compare to those of historical Christianity. Religion and Politics

CrossingCurrents Vol 8:6  Terror strikes. A few days before the release of this issue Paris was attacked by terrorists. This issue considers the current war on terror as well as some previous acts of terrorism committed in the name of God. This issue also includes an important article by Eugene Cuevas, Shock and Awe: A Response to Combat Trauma.

CrossingCurrents Vol 8:3 through Vol 8:5 Were special video editions delivered by email only. They included video clips from the current film project Honoring the Code. All of these clips can be viewed on the Honoring the Code website.

CrossingCurrents Vol 8:2  Is the television miniseries A.D. just another serving of "Prime-Time" Bible meant to atrract ratings? Does it accurately portray the biblical story? In this issue we consider these and other questions that may be asked about this series. Television and the Bible.

CrossingCurrents Vol 8:1  In this issue Front Porch Media Director, Eugene Cuevas reviews the film American Sniper and how it relates to the obligations due our combat veterans.

CrossingCurrents Vol 7:1 & 7:2  Gnosticism and the Lost Gospels. In this special double issue, we review The Lost Gospel, Decoding the Sacred Text That Reveals Jesus Marriage to Mary Magdalene. Also included is a review of a previous best seller, The DaVinci Code and how it relates to "The Lost Gospel".

CrossingCurrents Vol 6:4  Reinventing Jesus in Books. In this issue, we take a look at the recent bestseller, Zealot, the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, in which the author portrays Jesus as a failed messiah.

CrossingCurrents Vol 6:3 After more than a decade of war, where do Americans stand on possible new interventions? In this issue, we considerreactions to new "lines" being drawn in the sand when it comes to war. Americans and War.

CrossingCurrents Vol 6:2 In this issue, CapStand Director, Linwwod Bragan goes inside Washington DC to look at current attempts to curtail military chaplains from sharing their faith with those they serve alongside. Also, what do Americans think about leadership. Military Chaplains and Faith.

CrossingCurrents Vol 6:1 The History Channel aired a new miniseries based on the Bible. Was ther need for any concern by Christians prior to its release? This issue takes a look at the background for the series production. What was said in advance and what, perhaps could also have been disclosed. Television and the Bible.

 CrossingCurrents Vol 5:4 The 2012 presidential election included a Mormon nominee for the first time in our nation's history. This issue of CrossingCurrents looked at how Christians should view the nomination and the implications it might have on future elections. Mormonism.

CrossingCurrents Vol 5:3 Space aliens are back in the news thanks to a new National Geographic Channel (NGC) series, "Chasing UFOs". This issue looks at polling data released by NGC to promote the program and the interest Americans have in UFOs. Beam Me Up Scotty!

CrossingCurrents Vol 5:2 In this issue we look at some of the popular magazines' take on Easter week; particularly regarding heaven and the resurrection. In the attempt to sell magazines they often reach some amazing conclusions regarding Christian faith beliefs. Rethinking the Resurrection Gnosticism

CrossingCurrents Vol 5:1 This issue considers some of the polling information and comments by Christian leaders, and others, regarding the faith beliefs of President Obama. Includes several video links. A Muslim President, Really!

CrossingCurrents Vol 4:7 This issue takes a look at the issue of Faith and Politics. How important a role does a person faith play in their politics? Faith and Politics Intersect in Culture.

CrossingCurrents Vol 4:6 This special issue reflects on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11 Put on Your Running Shoes: Remembering 9-11

CrossingCurrents Vol 4:5 After ten years of war in the Middle East, many of those who have served in the military still face the challenges that come with having served in combat. In this issue, Cross-Swords Director, Don Malin who has served two tours of duty in the Middle East, offers some practical tips on how we can minister to those who have served. Read Don's thoughts in "Beyond the Yellow Ribbon: Ministering to Returning Combat Veterans".

CrossingCurrents Vol 4:4  False Prophecy. For several weeks in May 2011, the media seemed obsessed with covering a prophecy made by Harold Camping regarding the end of the world. In this issue of CrossingCurrents we consider Camping's prophecy and why it is getting so much attention in the feature article, Where Were You When the World Didn't End on May 22, 2011.

CrossingCurrents Vol 4:3  During April 2011, Alabama and several other southern states experienced the worst tornado damage in recent history. In this special issue, Crosswinds president, Bob Waldrep, shares some of his thoughts of going into one of the worst hit areas in the article "Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and Tornados: Life Lessons from the Back of a Pickup Truck".

 CrossingCurrents Vol 4:2 The feature article "The Controversy Over Hell" takes a look at Rob Bell's bestseller, Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived, as covered by Time magazine under the cover headline: "What If There Is No Hell?".

CrossingCurrents Vol 4:1 The feature article "You Can Take the Soldier Out of the War, But..." takes a compelling look at the difficulty soldiers can have readjusting to life after the battlefield. Written by Don Malin, who served two tours of duty in the Middle East as a military Chaplain.

CrossingCurrents Vol 3:6 The feature article "Three Pigs and a Barbque Sandwich" considers the need to build our lives wisely in the midst of cultural shifts. Also, article on the importance of speaking and understanding the cultural languages. Culture and Faith

CrossingCurrents Vol 3:5 The feature article of this issue, "Who's Out on Halloween", considers the current state of Halloween and who actually celebrates it.

CrossingCurrents Vol 3:4 The feature article, "Walking Out On Christianity: A New Trend?" considers the statement by popular author Anne Rice that she was quitting Christianity and what it might reveal concerning a growing trend in America. Also, "Lessons on Buddhism: Are Thais Really Buddhists?"

CrossingCurrents Vol 3:3 Feature article, "A Soldier's Story: Serving in the Middle East". Also, the military's policy of "don't ask, don't tell" is again in the news. The article "Military Chaplains Weigh In on Don't Ask, Don't Tell" gives a glimpse into the thoughts of some of the chaplains who are, or have actively served regarding this policy.

CrossingCurrents Vol 3:2 Our "Top Ten list of Cultural Deceptions". See if you agree with our list or would change it.

CrossingCurrents Vol 3:1  Can the Church draw a distinction between, methodologies, mission, and its message? That's the topic of our article, "The Church of Funday".

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:9 How is Buddhism and other eastern religions encroaching into the US culture? This issue examines one example of the promotion of Buddhism in the feature article, "No Compassion Found in Hell". Also, Crosswinds announces new ministry - CrossTies Asia.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:8 Special issue on Islam. Feature article, "Understanding Islam". Includes recent statistics relative to Islam in the United States and how Americans view Islam eight years after 9-11.

CrossingCurrents: Special Report from Southeast Law Institute Eric Johnston of the Southeast Law Institute addresses the issue of advertising rights, especially as related to issues of religion.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:7 Feature article, "Imagine There's No Religion?" Also featured are statistics from Newsweek poll asking if we are a post-Christian nation? Media stories include articles on atheist billboard campaign in Fort Lauderdale and one former pastor's thoughts on imagining no religion. Also, war of science and religion and Buddhist influence on church-goers.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:6 Feature article, "Upholding Biblical Marriage". Also featured are statistics regarding current state and views of marriage in America and updates from Afghanistan and Romania. News Items include stories on continuing efforts by atheist groups to promote their beliefs through media sources, effect of economic conditions on church attendance, gay political activism, and an attempt for racial unity in the Church.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:5 Evolution. Feature article, "Monkey Business: A Chip off the Old Lemur". Group claims that to have found the latest "missing link". Issue also includes regular features: Culture Tracks (Current Statistics Regarding American Views of Evolution) and News Items reflecting noteworthy cultural articles in the media.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:4 Includes feature article, "Beatles Take Transcendental Meditation to School". This issue also includes regular features: Culture Tracks (Belief Trends Among Professing Christians), and In the News. New Age/Eastern Religion

CrossingCurrents Special Report from Afghanistan Update on "Tables of Grace in Afghanistan" and photos of Chaplain Don Malin and some of the troops he ministers to.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:3 Includes articles on "Tables of Grace in Afghanistan", a special project to provide for soldiers in Sharana, and "The Shrinking Church", examining current statistical trends of church growth in the U.S. This issue also includes regular features: Culture Tracks (Americans polled on who their heroes are), In the News, and Letters.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:2 Atheism/Humanism. Includes feature article, "Bus Wars: Atheists and Christians Jump on the Bus", the continuing spread of humanist groups advertising on buses and Christian groups responding. Also, regular features: Culture Tracks, In the News, and Letters.

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:1, Part 2 America and Race. The second part of our article "Becoming A Post-Racial America Part 2".

CrossingCurrents Vol 2:1  America and Race. Includes articles: "Becoming A Post-Racial America, Part 1" and "Oprah and Spirituality". Also, regular features: Culture Tracks and Letters.

CrossingCurrents Vol 1:1 Atheism/Humanism. Includes article "Coming Soon to a Bus Near You" about humanist groups mounting a bus advertising campaign, in Washington D.C., to promote atheism's belief there isn't a God. Also, regular features: Culture Tracks and Letters.

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