We provide consulting services, publications, curriculum, and presentations to churches, educators, professional societies, policy makers, civic groups, and other organizations and individuals interested in cultural issues.

Program topics we offer include:

  • Culture and the New Spiritualities
  • Who's On First?
  • What's the Problem With Christianity?
  • Relatively Speaking: The Place of Objective Truth in a Culture of Relativism
  • Marketplace Spirituality: The Impact of “Faith” in the Marketplace of Ideas
  • Cultural Trends: What the Statistical Data Reveals About America’s Cultural Footprints
  • Communicating Faith in a Postmodern World
  • Understanding World Religions: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity
  • East Meets West: The Impact of Eastern Religions upon Western Culture
  • Church History and Denominations: The Distinctive Traits of Christian Denominations
  • Kids and Culture: Next Generation Influences
  • Spiritual Deception: Can You Be Deceived?

We also offer programs and consultation on issues of race and racial reconciliation. If you have a specific cultural issue you want researched or addressed, our staff will be glad to work with you to accommodate your need.

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