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Bob Waldrep, President and Founder
Linwood Bragan, Executive Director
Eugene Cuevas, Director - Media

Don Malin, Director - CrossSwords Connection (Mississippi)

Craig Thomas, Director of Missions (Georgia)

European Outreach

Ieremia Rusu, Co-director
Nelu Filip, Co-director

Our Board of Directors

  Richard Hutto, Chairman

Richard and his wife Alisa are members of Northpark Baptist Church. He is employed by Alabama Power Company.





   Del Allen, Secretary/Teasurer

Del and his wife Elna are members at Huffman Baptist Church. He is employed by the Stewart Perry Company.






 Eugene Cuevas


Eugene and his wife Jennifer are members of North Valley Church. He was formerly employed as an instructor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham before joining the staff of Crosswinds Foundation in 2015 as the Director for our media group, Front Porch Media.




Ralph Dewberry

Ralph and his wife Anne are members of the Church at Brook Hills. They are the owners of PrintsWell, Inc.






  Tim Faulk

Tim and his wife Yvonne are members of Shades Mountain Baptist Church. He is employed by IBM.






 Wes Overton

Wes is a member  at Grace Community Church. He is managing partner of Telcom Sudit Group and serves as a Chief Boatswains Mate in the United States Coast Guard Reserve.



Our Advisory Board

Alonza Jones

Alonza and his wife Vanessa are members of the Church at Brook Hills. He and his wife, Vanessa, are the founders of the Biblical Marriage Institute.






Terre Currey

Terre and her husband Jeff are members of The Church at Brook Hills. She is the owner of Opus Interiors.







   Mike Barnett


Mike and his wife Linda are the owners of Alabama Gaslight and Grill. They are members of Covenant Presbyterian Church.







 Tommy DeRamus

Tommy and his wife Susan are members at Shades Mountain Baptist Church. He is employed by Means Advertising.





Sterling Edwards

Sterling is retired from serving the community for over forty years. He has served as the Pastor of several Churches, including Senior Pastor of the 1,400 member South Highland Presbyterian Church. Though retired from the active pastorate, he continues to preach and to serve churches in an interim capacity.



Louis Henderson

Louis and his wife Sharon are members of Briarwood Presbyterian Church. He is the founder of Henderson & Myers, LLC








Frank Alfano


Frank is a partner at Waldrep, Stewart, and Kendrick, LLC. He is a regular participant in the Crosswinds' weekly Second Avenue Men's Bible Study.






Phillip Smith

Phillip and his wife Jerri are members of Shades Mountain Baptist Church. He is employed by Regions Financial Services.








Charlie Waldrep


Charlie is a founding partner of Waldrep, Stewart, and Kendrick, LLC. He is a regular participant in the Crosswinds' weekly Second Avenue Men's Bible Study.





Dr. Phil Walton

Phil and his wife Jane are members of Double Oak Church. He is a founding partner of Henderson and Walton Women's Center.






Staff Profiles

Bob Waldrep, President

Bob has been engaged in cultural apologetics, with an emphasis on new religious movements, since 1993. Through the years, he has observed and addressed cultural trends that have altered various elements of our society; especially, as pertains to matters of faith and spirituality. In early 2008, he founded the Crosswinds Foundation to be a resource for those individuals and organizations being impacted by new and different emerging cultural trends.

Bob has written numerous articles about cultural and spiritual trends; coauthored, The Truth Behind the Secret, (Harvest House); is a contributor to The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics (Harvest House) and The Complete Evangelism Guidebook, (Baker Books); and scripted the documentary, The Da Vinci Code Revealed. He has appeared as an expert commentator for print, radio, television and Internet media, locally, nationally and internationally; including appearances on: ABC's World News Tonight, ABC's Night Line, MSNBC with Brian Williams; CNN; NHK-TV, Tokyo; USA Today; Time, Newsweek, and Christianity Today.

Bob is a graduate of Jacksonville State University (B.S. in Secondary Education, emphasis in social studies and the arts) and Birmingham Theological Seminary (Masters in Religious Education).

Email Bob at: bob@crosswindsfoundation.org

Linwood Bragan, Executive Director

Linwood brings a wealth of experience to his position at Crosswinds; particularly as he heads up our subsidiary - CapStand Council for Policy and Ethics. On the national level, that experience includes being an Attorney, who operated his own independent consulting service based in Alexandria Virginia, and serving on Capitol Hill as the Counsel and Legislative Assistant to Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri's 2nd District. Linwood also knows his way around State and local government. Prior to his work in Washington, he served as Assistant Attorney General - Associate Counsel for the Alabama State Banking Department and on Gov. Bob Riley's staff.

 Linwood began his political life in 1972. His campaign experience covers operations, finance, grassroots and management.  Twice he has been a candidate himself.  Since 1984 Mr. Bragan has been active with election integrity/ballot security efforts.

He has lectured in 20 states on political activism, finance, organization and elections from New England to the Rockies and the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast.

Mr. Bragan is a graduate of the University of Alabama, with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the College of Commerce and Business Administration; he obtained his law degree at Cumberland School of Law of Samford University in 1991. Linwood also heads up the Invisible Scars Project, our ministry to veterans with PTSD and/or Moral Injury

Email Linwood at: linwood@crosswindsfoundation.org

Eugene Cuevas, Director of Front Porch Media

Eugene oversees Front Porch Media, the media production side of Crosswinds. He has been involved in filmwork for a number of years directing and writing both short and feature films. His film Awakened has won awards in several film festivals in CA, VA, and England.

Eugene joined the staff of Crosswinds on a fulltime basis in 2015. Prior to that he taught composition, rhetoric, and film analysis for the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Contact Eugene at: eugene@frontporchmedia.org

Don Malin, Director of Cross-Swords

Don has long had an interest in cultural issues, particularly as related to shifts in spirituality as seen in the growing fascination with occultism and beliefs and practices associated with metaphysics, or the New Age Movement. Much of his career has been spent in educating, training, and counseling others in a diversity of fields related to their cultural environs.

Don's awareness of this cultural diversity was learned early on when he joined the United States Army, fresh out of High School. Today, he continues to serve in the Army National Guard, as a Chaplain, and began his second tour of duty in the Middle East in January, 2009. His experience there has given Don first hand insight into Eastern religions and their adherents. More importantly, his experiences in returning from combat duty helped him understand some of the difficulties associated with reentry for both the veteran and their family. This led to the development of CrossSwords.

Don has also served in a number of capacities in the Church and is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America. His work experience includes: Periodicals Assistant and Public Service Assistant in the Reformed Theological Seminary library and the Belhaven College Library, teacher at Hillcrest and Covenant Christian Schools, and Global War on Terror Outreach Technician for the Department of Veterans Affairs. For a number of years, Don also led an active ministry in Mississippi providing training and writing about new religious movements.

Don is a graduate of New Mexico State University (B.A. in Philosophy); Birmingham Theological Seminary (Masters of Religious Education); Reformed Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity).

Email Don at: don@crossswords.org

Craig Thomas, Director of Missions

Craig serves as our Director of Missions with an emphasis in church planting. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this effort having served as the lead pastor of Churches in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia since 1992. He is currently planting a Church in Chickamauga, GA.

He also served with Crosswinds President,  Bob Waldrep as the Alabama Associate Director of a national apologetics ministry, Watchman Fellowship, from 1998-2004. His duties included: research, writing, leading seminars, and speaking to collegiate and civic groups, as well as speaking in churches.

Craig is married and has two daughters. He is currently planting a new church in Chickamauga, Georgia. If you are in that area and interested in being part of this effort, you can contact Craig for additional information at: craig@crosswindsfoundation.org

Craig is a graduate of Samford University, 1992 (B.A. in Biblical Studies) and Beeson Divinity School, 2000 (M. Div.)

Crosswinds Romania

European Outreach

Ieremia Rusu, Co-Director

Serving in Romania, Ieremia has observed the cultural shifts and dynamics of a changing Europe as reflected in his own story. Though raised in a Christian family, he was educated in the atheistic system established by the communist government. This was a system that led Romania and other Eastern Bloc countries to become secularized societies where the “established” Church was primarily cultural, if anything.

This educational training and societal environment would initially cause Ieremia to reject the faith of his parents. However, at the age of 16, he became convinced that it was the educators who were teaching the lie about God and that the truth was, in fact, found in the life and message of Jesus Christ. This truth profoundly impacted Ieremia’s life and future.

While working as a computer engineer, he began to study theology through the underground (Romania was still communist at that time) with seminary professors sent by the Eastern European Seminary of Vienna, Austria. During this time Ieremia was being prepared for an influential work that would come when Romania was no longer a communist State.

This work began in 1991, two years after the fall of communism, when Ieremia quit his job as a computer engineer in order to help establish the Timotheus Bible Institute in Bucharest where he serves as the Dean of Education. In addition to his efforts at the Bible Institute, Ieremia also helped Radio Voice of the Gospel set up seven Christian radio stations in Romania.

Another important chapter in Ieremia’s ministry occurred in 1995, when he was sent by his denomination to the United States, to be trained in the area of cult awareness and countercult apologetics. For three months, he received intensive training in these areas, primarily under the instruction of Bob Waldrep, who was then serving with another ministry.

With this educational training, he returned to Romania to help establish a much needed ministry in apologetics and theological education. Since that time Ieremia continued to receive periodic training from Bob and has implemented this into his efforts in Romania. One area where he does this is the Timotheus Bible Institute where he has added, and teaches, courses in apologetics (including new errors and heresies), systematic theology, and the history and philosophy of the world religions.

Though his home is in Romania, Ieremia has traveled and spoken in several European Countries and in India. His travels help him to have a good understanding of the cultural trends not only impacting his own countries but those that surround him, as well.

Through the Bible Institute, the Church, and in his everyday life, Ieremia uses this knowledge to engage, and train others how to engage, the European culture with the truth of the gospel.

Ieremia and his wife, Lida, have two children.


Bucharest Polytechnic University, B.S. degree in electronics and computers

Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, M.A. in Biblical Studies

University of Bucharest, Th.D. in Theology

Email Ieremia at: ieremia@crosswindsfoundation.org

Ioan (Nelu) Filip, Co-Director

Ioan Filip was born into a Christian family in Romania, while it was under the rule of an oppressive communist regime. This required the Church to meet in secret and it meant that Nelu, from an early age, saw firsthand the persecution Christians experienced under Communism.

It was in such an environment that Nelu became a follower of Christ in 1979. His love for the Lord and His Word eventually led him to become involved in a Bible education extension program. This interest and his studies would create the desire in him to help train others, which he began doing at a Bible School in Timisoara, Romania.

Always looking for new opportunities to learn, in 1995 Nelu offered to take part in an intensive training program concerning new religious movements and cult apologetics being offered in Birmingham, Alabama. He was selected by his denomination to receive this training along with fellow Romanian minister Ieremia Rusu.

For two months Nelu received this training; primarily, under the instruction of Bob Waldrep, who was then serving with another ministry. Upon returning to Romania, he was able to incorporate this new knowledge into his teaching ministry and began offering instruction in cult apologetics and evangelism to Christians in Romania.

Today, he travels extensively throughout Romania, and other parts of Europe, as a teacher and conference speaker, while continuing to train students in his position as the president of the Bible School, Scoala Biblica Cristos Pentru Romania Timisoara. In addition to his teaching duties and travels, Nelu also serves as the pastor of a church in Timisoara, Poarta Cerului.

With so much to do, one might wonder why Nelu would also want to be associated with the work of the Crosswinds Foundation. Here is his reply, “I want to be part of the Crosswinds Foundation because here in Romania we are facing a lot of challenges coming from the modern culture against the Christian Faith and we need to find the right answers for the people we minister to. Crosswinds will help us to answer those questions and be a resource for those we are trying to reach”.


Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas Pentecostal Theological

Institute of the University of Bucharest, Theological Degree

Tibiscus University, Journalism Degree

Email Nelu at: nelu@crosswindsfoundation.org

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